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  • Local Digital Marketing is More Important Than Ever!

    Local Digital Marketing is More Important Than Ever! Welcome back, tech heads! Today, I’m here to talk about the phenomenon of local digital marketing and the growing attraction for businesses across many industries. Technology companies have traditionally been at the forefront of new digital marketing trends. However, non-tech businesses began realizing the potential for marketing…

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  • Ideas For The Marketing of Electronic Products

    Ideas For The Marketing of Electronic Products When it comes to pushing out new products into a crowded marketplace, you’ll need to know how to get attention. Most people don’t know how to do this. This is why many options that get published and promoted fail to spark any sort of sales quota. If you’re…

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  • Be safe online

    Security when you, or your family, use online digital devices, is an absolute must as e-criminals become smarter and more prevalent. These can include online scammers, viruses, identity theft and loss of personal information. With the use of such devices becoming a daily aspect of our lives adopting some basic rules to protect yourself, and…

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  • Gopro Hero 3 Review

    Hey guys, my if you are a returning visitor then welcome back and if this is your first time then welcome, and thanks for checking out this chicks computer and electronics blog. I recently found a used Go Pro Hero 3 online at a very reasonable price from this website: As someone who never…

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  • Computer Repair

    Hello you guys, thanks for coming back for another post on my computer and consumer electronics blog. I talked before about my computer repair business, but today I thought I would go into a bit more detail about what would happen in the back of a computer maintenance shop. I had some pretty insane computers…

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  • Google Removes Panel Support

    Welcome back everyone, Katie here again with some computer news for my computers and electronics blog. I assume that a lot of you use Google Chrome as your default web browser? I do and I know lots of other people who use it so I assume that tons of other people do, so there is…

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  • Welcome to my electronics Blog!

    Hey guys, Katie here with a little introduction to my electronics blog. In this blog I will try to use my experience in the computer world to show you guys some really neat tricks and cool news stories about computers. I started learning about computer and electronics when I was a teenager and my high school…

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