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Computer Repair

Hello you guys, thanks for coming back for another post on my computer and consumer electronics blog. I talked before about my computer repair business, but today I thought I would go into a bit more detail about what would happen in the back of a computer maintenance shop. I had some pretty insane computers and components come through the doors there, some of them I will always remember. Some of them were just from people who knew nothing about computers, like the kid who put didn’t use any heat sink on his processor and fried both the processor and the motherboard. Or another kid who put together a $2000 gaming system, and then plugged it into a cheap power cord with lots of other stuff. A lighting storm came through and destroyed the poor kids machine. We all would feel pretty bad about these kids and do whatever we could to help them but sometimes you have to learn a hard, expensive language.

Some of the people that brought their machines in were just gross. There would be some people who never cleaned their PC, and would chain smoke right beside it all day every day. If your computer all of the sudden starts on fire, there is a good chance that a buildup of dust and if you smoke then some tar has also built up. This can be pretty had to remove from a computer without just replacing the parts, and sometimes it can make the parts useless anyways. And then some people just never clean anything, so there is an inch of gunk all over the tower that you need to get off. Hopefully you guys aren’t that gross, and if you are clean yourself up! See you next week.

computer repair