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Local Digital Marketing is More Important Than Ever!

Local Digital Marketing is More Important Than Ever!

Welcome back, tech heads! Today, I’m here to talk about the phenomenon of local digital marketing and the growing attraction for businesses across many industries. Technology companies have traditionally been at the forefront of new digital marketing trends. However, non-tech businesses began realizing the potential for marketing via the internet and mobile devices over the last several years. Your local Italian eatery, the dusty bookshop around the corner, and even your family physician now need digital media to reach new customers more efficiently. If you sell electronics, check out our own tips on how to Market Electronic Products.

Why Digital Marketing is Important, Guy Using Phone, Tablet, and Computer

The Rise of Smartphones

Think about the last time you went shopping or used public transportation. How many people focused not on their surroundings or the other people around them? Instead, they focus on brightly lit, pocket-sized screen in their hands. What good is a billboard or other signs when no one is looking up long enough to see them?

If bypassing the tangible world to advertise in the digital one seems too futuristic to be true, just take a look at Facebook’s successful advertising sector. Facebook’s digital marketing offered via their mobile app brought in almost $22 billion of the $26 billion they received from advertising revenue in 2016 alone. That up over 60% from 2015!

Competing Against Giant Companies

Small businesses trying to compete with giant companies like Amazon, with their Prime service’s cheap rates and fast delivery times, do not need to spend a fortune on advertising subscriptions to harness the power of local digital marketing. Many blogs exist with tips and tricks, like the brilliant minds at Brusacoram’s blog. Or choose one of the many free or low-priced online marketing services to give your business a leg up on the competition. This proves especially true on the local scale.

Choosing to advertise with Facebook Ads or Google AdWords allows directly targeting of potential customers in the physical areas surrounding your business. Snapchat and Instagram both offer filters to target users at designated locations, even if they are not permanent. The unending popularity of these social media services means more people can easily see your advertisement for less time and money than traditional marketing trends.

Social Media Examples for Digital Marketing

Updating Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Small and medium businesses looking to improve their digital marketing game should consider the following updates to stay competitive. Think about creating a market for your products online since successful online retailers prove e-commerce is the way of the future. Make your products available for purchase on the web with the option to have them delivered. This encourages busy customers to buy from you without losing the convenience of home delivery. You could even set-up an online pre-ordering service for customers to quickly stop in your store without the hassle of hunting down their needed product.

Until next time! Katie