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Google Removes Panel Support

Welcome back everyone, Katie here again with some computer news for my computers and electronics blog. I assume that a lot of you use Google Chrome as your default web browser? I do and I know lots of other people who use it so I assume that tons of other people do, so there is a good chance that this affects you. Last month, Google announced they will remove panel support from Chrome 54 and any further versions of Chrome. What exactly does this mean for users? Well, for most people not much but for those who like to toy with their functionality it can mean that some things are not working as they should. Some extensions require panels to operate properly and so their functionality has been crushed, and some extensions no longer work at all.

Why would Google remove a feature that is so crucial so some people? Well according to Google, it was simply too expensive to keep. Panels were not meant to be a staple feature of Chrome, and were only supposed to be a developer feature but with people expanding their computer skills more people were making sue of the feature. Personally, I used the feature in the past to layer videos on top of my screen, meaning that whether I was doing some work or reading emails I could have a video on my screen to keep me entertained. Right now I have no solution on what to do instead, maybe I will have to find a program to run on windows and not Chrome. Maybe at some point panels will return, but probably not. Enjoy your weekend folks, see you later.

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