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Gopro Hero 3 Review

Hey guys, my if you are a returning visitor then welcome back and if this is your first time then welcome, and thanks for checking out this chicks computer and electronics blog. I recently found a used Go Pro Hero 3 online at a very reasonable price from this website: As someone who never had one of the action cameras or even a high definition camera, I am loving it. It has been attached it to my motorcycle helmet and have been riding around town recording the crazy things I encounter and showing it to my folks at home. This camera is just amazing.  

GoPro hero 3 silver

How much is the Hero 3?

Ever since GoPro entered the action camera market a couple years ago they have ruled the medium to high end section but often disregarded the beginners. This has forced people to turn to competitor products that are honestly not as good. That changed with the GoPro Hero, as it can be found new for less than $100 and used for around $50. The camera is slightly stripped down from its more expensive siblings, but can record 1080p video at 30 frames per seconds, and 720p at 60 frames per second so it still offers a flawless video capture. Check out


Comparing Models

Unfortunately, this isn’t the most bang for your buck in the world of low end action cameras as a majority of features have been removed, but the ability to record HD video whilst being waterproof and the variety of accessories available makes this a welcome addition to the GoPro family, and a good intro camera for people who want to record those hard to get shots. If the ability to record HD film underwater or anywhere that can be helped by the myriad of accessories available then this is the camera for you.



When you first look at it, the Hero 3 looks exactly like any other GoPro and weights the same too at 111 grams if you included the integrated housing. Did I forget to mention that? The Hero 3 has a built on case unlike any other GoPro model. This can make repair slightly more difficult but these cameras are tanks, and repair should not be a common thing. This housing is waterproof to 131 feet or 40 metres and has a small ‘Skeleton door’ to allow more sound to hit the microphone.



The Hero 3 can record video via a MicroSD card up to 32GB and also has a mini USB port built into the back of the device for quick offloading. Missing however is a micro HDMI port and the GoPro accessory port, meaning that not only are you unable to connect straight to a television set for playback but you cannot attach some of the more advanced accessories such as Wifi or an LCD screen or even an extra battery. Given that the battery is built in an inaccessible due to the housing, there is no way to really extend battery life.


The shooting option included on the GoPro Hero 3 are very lackluster as well. You have the previously mentioned 1080p shooting at 30FPS and the 720p shooting at 60FPS, and also the ability to shoot in 720p 60FPS with GoPro’s Super View, meaning that a 4:3 video is stretched to 16:9. You also have the advanced dimming options when shooting in 720p, meaning that the lens automatically adjusts to the light and your video won’t suddenly get darker. The camera does have the ability to shoot 5 megapixel photos, and can shoot bursts of 10 at 5 FPS and also has a time lapse function shooting every half a second.

What’s in the box

Just like the digital features, the bundles gear and accessories are very lacking. In the box along with the Hero3 itself you will find the two back doors(standard and skeleton) a mini USB cable to allow charging the camera and transferring files directly off of the camera, a flat and a curved adhesive mount, a quick release buckle you can use with the mounts and a rubber locking plug to keep said quick release buckle from unbuckling after any hard impact. And although it isn’t included in the box, GoPro’s free editing software is called GoPro studio and it isn’t the best, but it’s free.

GoPro Hero 3 unboxing

If you’d like to buy an action camera check this one out here; 

So that’s it my review on the GoPro Hero 3. Obviously not the best action camera, but a good one for any beginners. If you liked this post and are new here, be sure to check out my last post about Google removing panel support. See you next week everybody, have a merry Christmas.