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Welcome to my electronics Blog!

Hey guys, Katie here with a little introduction to my electronics blog. In this blog I will try to use my experience in the computer world to show you guys some really neat tricks and cool news stories about computers. I started learning about computer and electronics when I was a teenager and my high school teacher taught us about electromagnetic waves. I became really interested about it and for the next Christmas my parents got my my own HAM radio. Since then I have enjoyed taking apart anything that had lights or wires, and I have really enjoyed doing so.

To give you guys a little idea of what will be posted on my blog, I thought I would give you guys a little breakdown on me. I live by myself in a modest apartment in Kansas City, where I work as a computer engineer for Kansas City University. Previously I owned a computer repair store in Columbus, but I sold that a couple years ago when I wanted to learn more about general electronics and stay away from computers for while. So I think I have the skills to give you guys some very diverse topics, every week at the least. See you soon!